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Why we do what we do…

Valeo’s Pizza was established in 1965, making us 51 years old!

Over the last 51 years, Valeo’s Pizza has given over $1,000,000 to local causes, donated over 10,000 pizzas to community events, provided over 300 jobs to local citizens, and sponsored over 200 organizations. We are so proud of our history, but we are even more excited of what the next 50+ years has in store.

Why do we do all of this? Here is our story:

When we started dating, we began dreaming of owning our own business someday. We had both grown up in entrepreneurial families and we felt that it would give us an opportunity to shape our lives, the lives of our children and the lives of those who chose to join us.

After working hard and saving for many years, we were able to buy Valeo’s Pizza from James and Lyla Spata. The gravity of what this meant didn’t fully hit home until all the papers were signed. Valeo’s Pizza is an institution after all.

Questions and doubts plagued our minds. Did we have any clue what we were getting ourselves into? Would we be able to bridge the gap between what Valeo’s has been and what Valeo’s could be? Would we be able to build on the foundational legacy that was building since 1965? There were a lot of unknowns and we not only had our livelihoods to consider, but more importantly, the livelihoods of our team members to consider.

Due to the hard work and dedication of the first generation of Spatas to own Valeo’s, we are privileged to have an extremely loyal customer base that supports the dream to create jobs, to mentor youth, to give generously and most importantly, to build community. As our slogan states, “Building Community One Pizza at a Time” is the core in which we base every decision. Building community is the sole purpose of Valeo’s Pizza.

We strongly believe that through bringing people together around a good meal, investing in our team and giving generously to causes we believe in, we can take a seemingly simple task, such as making pizza, and turn it into an opportunity to build a better community within Kenosha. We can take jobs that at first glance, may seem dead end to some and turn them into careers with management and business leadership training. We can take people, who may not believe they are created and designed for a purpose and speak life into them; teach them the potential outcome and glory of dreaming big all the while showing them that with focused intensity, great things can happen. When we come together to build community, we build something that is bigger than one person; and when we multiply what Valeo’s has over another 50+ years, we will not only impact our community, but possibly impact the nation. But it all starts with Building Community One Pizza at a Time.

This is why we do what we do.



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